Hailing from Finland, Provence combines a Nordic rawness with music that shines Nevada desert sun, forgotten diners, Woodstock, Pulp Fiction, serial killers, love and misery – things you dream, fear and crave.​

​Despite the band members being friends and colleagues for almost a decade, it wasn’t until 2011 when Provence saw day light. Provence’s songs combine great melodies with strong grooves, arcane feeling and power. The sound is firmly rooted in rock music from the 1970s – Led Zeppelin, Queen, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath..

Linda Herranen, vocals

©Sampo Herranen

An outstanding live performer who takes “high and loud” into a whole new level. She’s been a professional singer since her teens and, as a child, used to rummage her father’s LP’s, falling in love with the likes of Queen’s A Night At The Opera, Rainbow’s Difficult To Cure and Led Zeppelin’s III. She could be found in the garage dancing to Rainbow on full blast or drawing a moustache and pretending to be Freddie Mercury. Several years, dozens of band, hundreds of gigs later she formed Provence and she had no doubts about her band mates.​

​Jussi Turunen, guitar

©Sampo Herranen

A talented guitar player and singer. Originally from Kouvola, Finland, he moved to Helsinki to enhance his music studies and he has made his living by working with a number of top Finnish artists. He’s a bona-fide gear head who accepts no imitations – Marshall, Fender, Gibson, Vox it is, thank you!

​Jussi Nikula, drums

©Sampo Herranen

The reincarnation of Bonzo. Like the legendary Led Zeppelin drummer – his hero – Jussi knows how to make a drum kit come alive. Don’t let the hard-hitting grooves fool you, Jussi is an immensely talented musician and pelimanni from Eastern Finland.​

Arttu Juntunen, keyboards

©Sampo Herranen

The “Wizard of Keys”, the “Gandalf of Hammond”. Arttu is a modern prog-rock keyboard sound wizard who grew up listening to Yes, Pink Floyd, King Crimson, Emerson Lake and Palmer and Vangelis. To see him go crazy on the keyboards is a treat and a privilege. He’s also a highly skilled studio guru who knows every trick in the book.​

Janne Lassila, bass

©Sampo Herranen

Hippie and a hard rocker. Janne grew up in a farm by the sea in Western Finland, spending his teenager years driving a combine harvester andlearning to play bass (the guitar was already taken by someone else). His unique style is rooted to Cliff Burton, John Deacon, Paul McCartney and Pekka Pohjola, and this gifted musician can be found in the dressing room shocking his band mates with weird outfits, salsa moves – and he never shuts up.